Apply for community grant: Personal project (gpu)

by thinhlpg - opened

Dear Hugging Face Team,

My goal is to create a space where users can quickly use and easily test the viXTTS model.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response!

Hi @thinhlpg , looks like your Space is already on ZeroGPU. I'm seeing ZeroGPU has not been initialized error, but this error is raised when no function is decorated with @spaces.GPU. Would you decorate your functions that use CUDA with it and see if your Space works on Zero?

FYI, you can find info about usage and compatibility in the org card of the ZeroGPU explorers org. Also, you can find list of ZeroGPU Spaces in this Space, which might help you find useful code.

Hi @hysts , Thank you soooo much for your guidance! Your message helped me successfully switch to ZeroGPU :3

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