request for GPU for this space

by Humphrey - opened
SHI Labs org

Hi @osanseviero can you take a look based on availability, thanks!

Hi @osanseviero , we plan on releasing the demo in the next 3 days. Could you check for GPU access?

Hi there! Yes, I will open an internal PR for this. We usually provide temporary fre GPUs for 2 weeks and we might keep it if we see high usage. Is that ok with you?

Sure, that works for us. Thanks!

SHI Labs org

thanks, will it be able to provide for 3-4 weeks, or starting from this Friday? We will upload the arXiv this Friday so users might be coming in from then.

This space now has an allocated GPU! This will be for some weeks starting Friday :)

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Hi @osanseviero , has the GPU been removed from this space?

I seem to be facing the same issue from earlier when the GPU wasn't there.

SHI Labs org

Hi @osanseviero , we will be releasing the paper tomorrow. Could you please put the GPU back on? Thanks

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Hi @osanseviero , a gentle reminder ^^

SHI Labs org
Hi @osanseviero , the paper is released now and we expect the traffic to increase now. Please allocate a GPU if available asap. Thanks

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