API Question

by RamboRogers - opened

Why does this need an API url?

It runs from itself, where does this API come from?

I'm wondering this too. I wanted to create a private duplicate for my own Voiceover Audio Clips for my projects without needing to worry about competing for access to the official gradio app but that API url thing is obvi not the same as the "Access Key" we can generate in our own account settings.... sooo what is that @myshell-ai dev team?

I guess for now I'll just get in line with all the other users in the queue until the dev team tells us how to make our own private duplicate.... I just hope it doesn't store the audio files I "upload" as the input audio sample clips.... not sure I feel very comfy with letting the gradio app store audio recordings of my IRL voice.... hence why I wanted to create a private duplicate of it....

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