where do I enter my token?

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I wanted to train and upload to my private page, but when it completes it says it doesn't have a token. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I don't see anywhere to enter in my HF token to upload to my private page. There is the radio toggle for the library or private, but no place to enter a token....

lora concepts library org
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I've been playing with this and finally got it to work (with the help of GPT-4, lol).

To add your token, go to Settings. Then, scroll down to the Secret Repository section. There, create a New Secret.
The name should be HF_TOKEN, and the only thing inside should be your Hugging Face token.

lora concepts library org

Where is this "Secret Repository" section? I can only see "Variables and Secrets" and I've put the HF_TOKEN as a secret on my private space but it still doesn't work

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