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It works really well! Any ideas on how to change the bib / reference style? I tried changing 'nature' to 'apa', but this didn't work.

Thanks for the suggestion. You can specify the reference style now.


Great integration of LLMs and Zotero. I see on the paper-qa documentation that there is code for downloading the embeddings pickle file for later use, rather than creating it new each time. Have you considered adding that option? Thanks, this app is going to be so valuable.

Hi @ryanrwatkins , within a Gradio session the API calls are cached, so effectively document embeddings are only created once even if multiple questions are asked. However, this app doesn't store any user content, so all data is reset upon a new visit. If you deploy this app locally, you can add logic to persistent the embeddings and reuse them.

Perfect, I will may do that at. Thanks again, great app.

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