Bug: Uses previous input instead of current value #2

by NimaBoscarino HF staff - opened

When I select the first example and move the slider to 20, it doesn't show any blur. When I move the slider back to 1, it shows the blur for 20. It looks like it always uses the previous slider value.

When i tested the app i realized the same behaviour. I figured that it is the case, when i move the slider by click and drag the button and not releasing it before the max value. The same seems to happen in the opposite direction. When i just click in the scale of the slider, it seems to work. Or do i miss something here?

Oooh good point! Maybe it's a Gradio bug โ€“ I'll pass it by that team ๐Ÿ˜Š

Confirmed, it's a Gradio bug! I think for the moment you can remove live=True since that's what breaks it, and once there's a fix for it on Gradio we can bring it back.

EDIT: Issue is available here for reference https://github.com/gradio-app/gradio/issues/1453

Just deactivated the live feature for the moment. Thanks for the investigation!

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