Do you have any feedback about Discussions and PRs on the Hub? #1

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Hey there!

Hey everyone! If you have any feedback on discussions and PRs on the Hub, this is the place for it!

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Can't wait to get some community feedback!

Hellooo world! 🤗

G'day g'day 🦘👋

Hello there!

Guten Tag

Hola! 👋

Hey! 🤗

hallo wie geht's?

Saletti zäme!

Nice =)

Hi everybody 🤗

Bonjour !

From what I've been able to test so far, it's soooo cool.

A few remarks:

  • I had to type julien-c name by hand to tag him in a PR (the first Hub PR ever to what I have been told 😎). It didn't offer it automatically like on GitHub for example. Would it be possible to add this feature?
  • In the same logic I would have added an emoji "🎉" to his comment to celebrate this first PR but obviously it is not possible to react. Would it be possible to add this feature?
  • I tried to propose a PR of the PIAF file but it returns me on a 404 error. Any idea why that is? (I see this on commonvoice too)
  • I wanted to put a screen of the 404 error from the previous point to illustrate this but it didn't copy/paste me the image. Would it be possible to add this feature?

It is an extraordinary work that you have just delivered, a huge thank you to you 🙏

Ah and it seems you can't edit your message either

Hi everyone

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions we aim to iterate swiftly on those 🔥

🔥 yeay 🎉 just tested it out making an easy PR everything went smoothly.
It would be nice to autocomplete/suggest emojis -> :fire: in comments.

Also, autocomplete name suggestion when I type @ for example @julien-c

How do I even create PR using local machine or API?

Thinking about this, there is a lot of potential in that feature... in-between wikipedia discussion page and github code PR.

Agree with @nazneen that auto-complete to tag people would be super nice

An exciting step toward a more open & ethical ML future. 🙌 🎉 Keep all the great feedback coming!

Hi @lbourdois those are very good suggestions (we'll probably add all of them 🎉)

Hi @victor,
A new suggestion that I'm about to find.
I opened a PR to add tags related to languages ( I just realized that I made a mistake: the different languages should not be separated by a comma but should be returned to the line each time with a new dash.
I would like to change my PR but can't find a way to do other than closing my current PR and re-opening another one.
It would be friendlier to have the possibility to add changes to a PR as long as it is not merge like it is on GitHub.

It would be great to have an overview of all PRs that I have opened and to see their status

Can we have notifications on the hub instead of mail?

@lbourdois I agree, we should be able to do that on the website directly. (you can always pull your pr branch locally and do your change in another commit then push but it's a bit complex)

@satpalsr, Yes! there will be a notifications center directly on the hub!

+1 on @satpalsr 's request
Also can we subscribe/unsubscribe from specific discussions(currently getting auto subbed to every discussion within an org)

How about PR to add a model/space to an organization? @osanseviero @victor

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Ah and it seems you can't edit your message either

It's shipped @lbourdois and reactions + images upload are coming soon.


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Thanks 🤗🤗


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Sorry folks, I've clicked on the wrong button!

Hey all! Now you can react to comments!

It would be very helpful to add thumbs-down emoji 👎 to comments. On GitHub, I'll often land on an issues page if I'm having trouble, and there's a long thread of proposed solutions. Seeing comments with many 👎 emojis lets you know that that solution did not actually work.