Please Return to the Old Version of Diffuse the Rest ASAP !!! #481

by a-reader - opened

By this I mean:

  1. Please return ASAP to the old interface, that let people choose the color and the brush thickness.
  2. Please switch back the backend to "vanilla stable diffusion" instead of the new controlnet.

Never in my life did I saw such a clear illustration of the saying "the better is the enemy of good". The new version is hugely inferior to the old one, both in the interface (no more color and brush thickness) and in the generated results. I simply can't say how bad the current one is without using some 4-letter words that aren't allowed by the Code of Conduct.

Please, everybody that regrets the old version, post here in support.

There are already several users that expressed their disappointment with the changes and regret for the older but better version, as we can see in the threads:

"Is it me or has this gotten a lot looser with the reference image lately?"

"Why can't I change the color or brush thickness anymore?"

As you can see in the first thread linked above, after the change from "vanilla stable diffusion" to controlnet, when people complained about the decreased quality and particularly about generated images not reflecting the sketch colors, user mishig responded by removing the color picker option (and also brush thickness choice):

"Unfortunately, the ControlNet sketch model was only trained on black & white sketches. Therefore, I've removed the color picker option from the demo. Please let me know wdyt"

Actually, ControlNet also uses grayscale input (e.g. for depth) and color input (e.g. segmentation maps). This is obvious even from the link that mishig himself provided in that very post:

The first image in that article, captioned "Realistic Lofi Girl", shows that ControlNet transformed a 2D cartoon image in a very similar 3D image using very faithfully the SAME COLORS.

mishig Huggingface Projects org

Feedback is received. Will roll the old version back 😃

Thank you for the constructive response to criticism. When will the old version be back?

push... i liked and missing the previous Version so much... so pleez pleez pleez bring it back :-)

@mishig Please don't forget to roll back Diffuse the Rest to the old version, as you said a month ago (Apr 3).

As you can see, there are more people who want it back, like Amati above and MOWA who created a new thread about the "Coloring Problem" ("Does anyone know, why I can´t see the color and the size changing buttons on my screen?")

Ouai j'confirme : le nouveau moteur fait de la merde !👎
Before the modifications :

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