Copyright owner? #8

by JackFruit7 - opened

Who owns the copyright to images produced by the dalle-mini demo? Can I sell images produced by the huggingface dalle-mini demo using my own original text prompts?

Thanks - also asked this question on the github repo

I mean i don't think it ever produces the same image twice right? You could prob use it for whatever you want, I don't think it would even be copyrighted in the first place...

I've uploaded some results to facebook and so has my friend.

Thank you for replying @dillfrescott

Correct. Always a different path into the model with the same prompt. Yet the model is trained on some copyrighted images I assume and the model itself is Apache

So I'd like a definitive answer if possible. Building a business model on quicksand is rife with risk I think.

Yet it is such early days upon thinking I'm pickin' it will have to be tested in various jurisdictions in the courts.

Cheers for your reply mate. Ciao

I like to think I have copyright on the images and that license seems to indicate that. Hugging face also requests citation if used - so I will do that on my website and research papers/thesis.

Any statement from the software creators trying to determine the copyright status of the work produced by the AI is void and ineffective. The only definitive answer possible is: use at your own peril.