HELP! #11139

by DentalDom - opened

Anybody knows why craiyon is constantly telling me that there's "to much traffic" ? I'm not using a VPN, not using any adblock but for some reason, I can't use this wonderful AI anymore..? I live in Canada if it matters... Am I the only one or is it happening a lot these days?

hello the best thing you can do is pushing the button again and again or come back later

It's not that.... I'm testing while 2-3 of my friends are testing, works for everyone except me.... I was there when it took 120-180 seconds and now, it works for my friends in 50-60 seconds 100% of the time but for me = "to much traffic" 100% of the time...

Ty for answering my post at least... Could have been that but it just isn't..... I'm quite sure...

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