Using Craiyon to test and tweak text prompts #10167

by DanielNest - opened

To me, Craiyon is more than just a goofy version of DALL-E 2 or Midjourney to play with for free. I actually think it's genuinely useful as part of an iterative prompt engineering proces.

I tried to sum up my thoughts in this recent Substack post:

Curious to hear if anyone has a different / better process for experimenting with prompts. Or perhaps additional tools like DeepAI's generator and Craiyon.

but it is more accurate than Craiyon

Thanks for sharing!

I'm seeing lots of similar free Colab spaces to play with. I feel like there's a bit of a hurdle for the casual user in that you need to run all of the commands in order, give access to your drive, etc. What appeals to me with Craiyon and DeepAI is the extremely low barrier to entry - I can send a link to the most non-tech-savvy user and have them generating images in seconds. Does anyone know of a similar third-party tool that has distilled text-to-image generation to a single prompt, etc.?

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