Error: "gpt_neo is not supported yet. Only [... 'gpt-neo' ...]" #9

by Norod78 - opened

Conversion Settings:

        Model: Norod78/hebrew-bad_wiki-gpt_neo-tiny
        Task: None
        Framework: None
        Compute Units: None
        Precision: None
        Tolerance: None
        Push to: None

        Error: "gpt_neo is not supported yet. Only ['bart', 'beit', 'bert', 'big_bird', 'bigbird_pegasus', 'blenderbot', 'blenderbot_small', 'convnext', 'ctrl', 'cvt', 'data2vec', 'distilbert', 'ernie', 'gpt2', 'gpt-neo', 'levit', 'm2m_100', 'marian', 'mobilebert', 'mobilevit', 'mvp', 'pegasus', 'plbart', 'roberta', 'roformer', 'segformer', 'splinter', 'squeezebert', 't5', 'vit', 'yolos'] are supported. If you want to support gpt_neo please propose a PR or open up an issue."

Note that this (actually silly) model is used as a benchmark in DeepSpeed-MII ^_^


pcuenq Core ML Projects org

Hi Doron, thanks for writing, and sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

As you noticed there was a mismatch in the name of the model type which has now been resolved. Would you mind trying again?

Thanks again!

Hey @pcuenq
Thank you, I'm still not able to create a "Text Generation" tasked model, it seem to fail at the validation phase.
Does it need a tokenizer for the validation phase? If so, is it using the custom one form within the model repo?

pcuenq Core ML Projects org

I could reproduce the issue and am debugging it.

pcuenq Core ML Projects org

Hey @Norod78, there appears to be some sort of system incompatibility but I haven't been able to find the cause yet. The conversion Space works on several different versions of macOS I tested on, but not on the Mac we are using for production. The process seems to proceed fine, but then validation fails.

I have submitted a PR to your repo with one of the successful conversions while I keep investigating this problem. Thanks again for reporting it!

@pcuenq Thank you very much 🙏

pcuenq Core ML Projects org

This should be working properly now.

pcuenq changed discussion status to closed

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