Two successive evaluations on same model created conflicting #16

by MoritzLaurer - opened

I've just run my first evaluations and it first worked well, then I submitted multiple evaluations for the same model for different datasets/subsets of the same dataset (in my case ANLI). Now it created this pull request, which I cannot accept due to the error: "Cannot merge
This branch has merge conflicts in the following files:"

The same happened again here:

Thanks for reporting this issue!

This is a limitation with the current design, where two (or more) evaluations can cause Git merge conflicts if the jobs are triggered from the same point in the README's commit history. Currently, the best way to resolve this is by cloning the repo, checking out the PR ref and manually resolving the conflicts:

Thus far, this seems to be somewhat rare and mostly affects models that can are flexible enough to be evaluated across multiple datasets.

ok, will look into this manual solution. or I might just wait for one evaluation to be finished until I launch the next one