it does need some work

by froilo - opened

but research in speeding up inference in Generative models
is indeed an important one

Thank you for comment! Rather than 'some work', I would say 'it does need some money'. It is out of the scope of academic researchers though...

Hey. A couple question for you.

  1. Docker image does not work. Gives me this error: . Seems like the repo is just broken. Could you please fix it?
  2. Is it a tool for making a proper inference of SD 1.5 in 1 step or it's just a model different from SD 1.5 which is able to generate images in 1 step? Did not get this from your GitHub
  1. It's not broken. It's because the checkpoints are private and your environment cannot download it. We will open-source soon and things will be fine then.

  2. It is a model fine-tuned with rectified flow from SD 1.5. The fine-tuned model supports 1-step inference.

@XCLiu thank you very much :)

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