Token失效重新请求后依然发生错误,请检查输入的参数 #28

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Any prompt (even the one listed in the example) will throw me the error 'Token失效重新请求后依然发生错误,请检查输入的参数'.
Is this just me...?

hello look like ernie-vilg is broken again like 2 or 3 days ago but they repair it soon i think

Yeah, but it can get really frustrating when all of a sudden it doesn't work. Ernie really makes it feel like it's your fault.

It's still offline currently?

yes nothing if i ask a primpt "atm"

We can return to this state, set up a style as similar as possible and use this by entering a prompt.

OK I fixed my space, it's actually because the latest paddlehub version requires a Paddlepaddle registered user's "ak(API key)" and "sk(Secret Key)" for the permission token to generate AI images. I added my AK and SK in my online space demo and it works fine now:

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