"Open logs" button not showing? #9

by jauri134 - opened

It says: "You can click the "Open logs" button above here to check the training status."

But I can't see it. I'm missing it?

sreerama Mirage org

Hi @jauri134 Attached a picture, let me know if this helps

Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 11.12.06 PM.png

Hello sreerama. Thank you for the screenshot. "Open logs" is definitely not showing up here. See my screenshot here:


Unfortunately, my first attempt from 12 hours ago seems to have failed without any results or error logs. That's why I just started the training process again.

@jauri134 try running Dreambooth on app.mirageml.com

also you should duplicate the space and then run, opposed to running on this space

Edit: ignore comment based on response from other issue

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@amankishore Thank you for the suggestion. Can I somehow download a ckpt file after i fninished a training session from the site? I only see an option to upload it to huggingface. Is this the only way to download the model, or can I somehow download it from MirageML directly? Also: I can't see any option to remove created collections?

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