No results after waiting 12 hours? #10

by jauri134 - opened

I waited 12 hours and the page still says "Don't worry, your model is still training!". There is no indication of how advanced the training is. I also can't seem to stop or start over. What is the reason for this?

sreerama Mirage org

Hey @jauri134 You can check the logs to see the progress and what the status of training is.
I've attached a screenshot on your other issue - hopefully that helps.

Did you duplicate the repo and try to run it?

Hello @sreerama. Thanks for the quick reply. I was just about to check, but it seems the training is now canceled. I don't see any new model entries in the profile, so I guess the training has failed.

I tried to clone the repo to my personal space but unfortunately I don't own credit cards so I can't pay/unlock a private T4 GPU on huggingface. I hope that at some point alternative payment methods will be made available for Europeans.

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sreerama Mirage org

Ahh in this case, you can run for free on htttps://

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@sreerama Thank you. I just started a training test run on, but can't see anywhere if anything is actively running or what the status is.

Edit: I think i found it. I had to click on the orange "Private" button and there it shows a spinning loading icon. But unfortunately without progress indicator. I'll guess I just have to wait a few hours.

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