I made this video using our original music using DeepFloyd/IF

by Sportsax - opened

Check out the video called 24 on the home page of RedHotRoadDogs.com. I never have really used Final Cut Pro so it’s not that flashy but it shows Deep Floyd/IF can be used generate images for a slide show.


I am one of the musicians and songwriters

Lol, it´s always the hands that give it away right?

So what was the workflow, did you upload a stack of generated pics and DeepFloyd put it together, or do you prompt it and its all in one go (image gen.+the edit)?

Honestly for what I would use it for, as long as it speeds up the whole process I am all good.
Any chance for a "in sync" interval for the slideshow?
Like each phrase a pic and change with the 4th beat😎

I'm a FORTRAN dropout from the 70's. I liked the sound of jazz sax better than computer punch cards. I got bored and realized the glaring limitations of BASIC.

My workflow is finding the best "Text to Image"I can find quickly to do what I want. I listened to our composition and stopped it with every idea then fed it into DeepFloyd/If. I was impressed with a command like..........Old long white bearded man in a cowboy hat and sun glasses.....action verb/noun. Love the way this AI model can have him holding a sign of your choosing. Big to me.

Ok. Workflow is input is based on every phrase lyrically. I used the same character preface to embellish the action. Over and over then screenshot it.... approved. Felt like a steal. I suspected the owners would shutdown quickly. Evidently, I was right.

I saved all pirated booty

Later, I cobbled and edited all parts into Final Cut Pro which I never used before and made this video. Probably the first band video made with AI

Thank you and kiss my ass.

Captain Cook

I apologize immediately for my vulgar language. I was just looking for Moby Dick and got carried away.

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