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Marble statues with a hint of abstract. Works well with the words 'flower petals' and other embeds like PhotoHelper and Hyperfluid. The embedding is very strongly biased towards humans; requires some tinkering to get other results. Might make a v2 at some point that's more universal.

Use FloralMarble-150.pt or FloralMarble-250.pt if you want the effect to be more controllable!

Trained for 500 epochs/steps. 35 images, 4 vectors. Batch size of 7, 5 grad acc steps, learning rate of 0.0025:250,0.001:500.

Dataset available (35 PNG images) here: https://huggingface.co/datasets/spaablauw/FloralMarble_dataset

16874-1762106235-statue of beautiful woman,  bubbles floating,art by FloralMarble-300, water flow hyperfluid.png

16861-2782945493-statue of katy perry, art by FloralMarble-300, rose flower petals, water flow hyperfluid.png

16738-390731472-statue of henry cavill, art by floralmarble.png

16757-1613443814-statue of a cute shorthair tabby cat, rose petals hyperfluid art, by floralmarble.png


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