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Model description

This is a logistic regression model trained with GPT-2 embeddings on imdb dataset. The notebook to generate this model is in this repository and in this kaggle link.

Intended uses & limitations

This model is trained for educational purposes.

Training Procedure


The model is trained with below hyperparameters.

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Hyperparameter Value
steps [('embedding', HFTransformersLanguage(model_name_or_path='facebook/bart-base')), ('model', LogisticRegression())]
verbose False
embedding HFTransformersLanguage(model_name_or_path='facebook/bart-base')
model LogisticRegression()
embedding__model_name_or_path facebook/bart-base
model__C 1.0
model__dual False
model__fit_intercept True
model__intercept_scaling 1
model__max_iter 100
model__multi_class auto
model__penalty l2
model__solver lbfgs
model__tol 0.0001
model__verbose 0
model__warm_start False

Model Plot

The model plot is below.

Pipeline(steps=[('embedding',HFTransformersLanguage(model_name_or_path='facebook/bart-base')),('model', LogisticRegression())])
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Evaluation Results

You can find the details about evaluation process and the evaluation results.

Metric Value
f1_score 0.867535

How to Get Started with the Model

Use the code below to get started with the model.

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# Additional Content

## Confusion matrix

![Confusion matrix](confusion_matrix.png)
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