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FFNet-78S-Quantized: Optimized for Mobile Deployment

Semantic segmentation for automotive street scenes

FFNet-78S-Quantized is a "fuss-free network" that segments street scene images with per-pixel classes like road, sidewalk, and pedestrian. Trained on the Cityscapes dataset.

This model is an implementation of FFNet-78S-Quantized found here. This repository provides scripts to run FFNet-78S-Quantized on Qualcomm® devices. More details on model performance across various devices, can be found here.

Model Details

  • Model Type: Semantic segmentation
  • Model Stats:
    • Model checkpoint: ffnet78S_dBBB_cityscapes_state_dict_quarts
    • Input resolution: 2048x1024
    • Number of parameters: 27.5M
    • Model size: 26.7 MB
Device Chipset Target Runtime Inference Time (ms) Peak Memory Range (MB) Precision Primary Compute Unit Target Model
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (Android 13) Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 TFLite 8.325 ms 1 - 8 MB INT8 NPU FFNet-78S-Quantized.tflite


This model can be installed as a Python package via pip.

pip install "qai-hub-models[ffnet_78s_quantized]"

Configure Qualcomm® AI Hub to run this model on a cloud-hosted device

Sign-in to Qualcomm® AI Hub with your Qualcomm® ID. Once signed in navigate to Account -> Settings -> API Token.

With this API token, you can configure your client to run models on the cloud hosted devices.

qai-hub configure --api_token API_TOKEN

Navigate to docs for more information.

Demo off target

The package contains a simple end-to-end demo that downloads pre-trained weights and runs this model on a sample input.

python -m qai_hub_models.models.ffnet_78s_quantized.demo

The above demo runs a reference implementation of pre-processing, model inference, and post processing.

NOTE: If you want running in a Jupyter Notebook or Google Colab like environment, please add the following to your cell (instead of the above).

%run -m qai_hub_models.models.ffnet_78s_quantized.demo

Run model on a cloud-hosted device

In addition to the demo, you can also run the model on a cloud-hosted Qualcomm® device. This script does the following:

  • Performance check on-device on a cloud-hosted device
  • Downloads compiled assets that can be deployed on-device for Android.
  • Accuracy check between PyTorch and on-device outputs.
python -m qai_hub_models.models.ffnet_78s_quantized.export

Deploying compiled model to Android

The models can be deployed using multiple runtimes:

  • TensorFlow Lite (.tflite export): This tutorial provides a guide to deploy the .tflite model in an Android application.

  • QNN (.so export ): This sample app provides instructions on how to use the .so shared library in an Android application.

View on Qualcomm® AI Hub

Get more details on FFNet-78S-Quantized's performance across various devices here. Explore all available models on Qualcomm® AI Hub


  • The license for the original implementation of FFNet-78S-Quantized can be found here.
  • The license for the compiled assets for on-device deployment can be found here



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