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VGMShield: Mitigating Misuse of Video Generative Models

This repository pre-trained checkpoints to evaluate our detection and source tracing models. Our paper can be found at here.

Detection Model:

I3D (0 True 1 False)

MAE (0 True 1 False)

XCLIP (0 True 1 False)

MAE-sora (0 True 1 False)

Source Tracing Model

0 Hotshot-xl 1 i2vgen-xl(i2v) 2 i2vgen-xl(t2v) 3 LaVie 4 SEINE 5 Show-1 6 Stable Video Diffusion 7 VideoCrafter(i2v) 8 VideoCrafter(t2v)

I3D-based source tracing model

MAE-based source tracing model

XCLIP-based source tracing model

MAE-based(sora) source tracing model sora is label 9.

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Datasets used to train pypy/VGMShield