Does this model have an Img2Img pipeline? #39

by jiedong-yang - opened

Hi, thanks for the great work training this model! It's very impressive! I just wondering if this model has an image-to-image generation pipeline like the stable diffusion pipeline in diffusers. Or does anyone know how to load it or use the image-to-image function with openjourney? Thanks!

I've been wondering the same thing. In InvokeAI I keep getting issues with in-painting and image to image. It seems to only use basic SD in image to image and on the InvokeAI Canvas it creates a random tiled texture.

any updates on this?

I'm also interested in running the OpenJourney-Img2Img model.
Though I am total newbie in running models myself.
So far the only thing I've found is the OpenJourney_Img2Img API in in Replicate:
But I can't seem to find the actual model to run even though it says on the Replicate page "It is also open source and you can run it on your own computer."
Does someone know is it relatively simple for a coder to run something like combination of two models Stable Diffusion Img2Img & OpenJourney?

What I found out, that you can basically just use the diffusers library as you would for img2img, you just pass he model id of the openjourney model when creating the StableDiffusionImg2ImgPipeline

Awesome! Thanks a lot @tnkartworks ! Now I just need to start learning the actual implementation. :)

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