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license: cc-by-nc-4.0

Project Baize

What's Baize?

Baize is an open-source chat model fine-tuned with LoRA. It uses 100k dialogs generated by letting ChatGPT chat with itself. We also use Alpaca's data to improve its performance. This repo contains 30B model.

Why it's called Baize?

Baize (白泽) is a mythical creature in Chinese folklore, who speaks human languages and knows everything. This is exactly what we expect from a chat model.

Training Parameters

  • Base Model: LLaMA-30B
  • Training Epoch: 1
  • Batch Size: 64
  • Maximum Input Length: 512
  • Learning Rate: 5e-5
  • LoRA Rank: 8
  • Updated Modules: All Linears

Training Dataset

More details can be found in the Baize GitHub

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