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Sumerian and Akkadian Cuneiform Language Translator

This is a translation network that understands Sumerian and Akkadian languages written in cuneiform.

It was trained on cuneiform transcribed in the CDLI ATF format. For example:

translate Akkadian to English: 1(disz){d}szul3-ma-nu-_sag man gal?_-u2 _man_ dan-nu _man kisz_

The network was trained to translate from the ancient languages:

  • Akkadian
  • Sumerian

written in transcribed cuneiform to English.

The network requires a prompt telling it the direction of translation. For example:

  • translate Akkadian to English:
  • translate English to Sumerian:


It was not trained to translate between the ancient languages but it is capable of it (translate Sumerian to Akkadian: ). Buyer beware.

Its vocabulary does not include ā, ḫ, ī, ř, š, ṣ, or ū so those letters are replaced with the unadorned letter (or "sh" in the case of š and ṣ).

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