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posted an update Apr 15
🔥🔥🔥 Introducing WizardLM-2!

📙Release Blog:
✅Model Weights: microsoft/wizardlm-661d403f71e6c8257dbd598a

We introduce and opensource WizardLM-2, our next generation state-of-the-art large language models, which have improved performance on complex chat, multilingual, reasoning and agent. New family includes three cutting-edge models: WizardLM-2 8x22B, WizardLM-2 70B, and WizardLM-2 7B.

WizardLM-2 8x22B is our most advanced model, and the best opensource LLM in our internal evaluation on highly complex tasks. WizardLM-2 70B reaches top-tier reasoning capabilities and is the first choice in the same size. WizardLM-2 7B is the fastest and achieves comparable performance with existing 10x larger opensource leading models.

🤗 WizardLM 2 Capacities:

1. MT-Bench (Figure-1)
The WizardLM-2 8x22B even demonstrates highly competitive performance compared to the most advanced proprietary works such as GPT-4-Trubo and Glaude-3. Meanwhile, WizardLM-2 7B and WizardLM-2 70B are all the top-performing models among the other leading baselines at 7B to 70B model scales.

2. Human Preferences Evaluation (Figure 2)
Through this human preferences evaluation, WizardLM-2's capabilities are very close to the cutting-edge proprietary models such as GPT-4-1106-preview, and significantly ahead of all the other open source models.

🔍Method Overview:
As the natural world's human-generated data becomes increasingly exhausted through LLM training, we believe that: the data carefully created by AI and the model step-by-step supervised by AI will be the sole path towards more powerful AI.

In the past one year, we built a fully AI powered synthetic training system. (As shown in the Figure 3).

The model weights of WizardLM-2 8x22B and WizardLM-2 7B are shared on Huggingface, and WizardLM-2 70B and the demo of all the models will be available in the coming days. Please use the same system prompts strictly with us to guarantee the generation quality.

❗Note for model system prompts usage:
WizardLM-2 adopts the prompt format from Vicuna and supports multi-turn conversation.
The prompt should be as following:
A chat between a curious user and an artificial intelligence assistant. The assistant gives
helpful, detailed, and polite answers to the user's questions. USER: Hi ASSISTANT: Hello.
USER: Who are you? ASSISTANT: I am WizardLM-2.......

The License of WizardLM-2 8x22B and WizardLM-2 7B is Apache2.0. The License of WizardLM-2 70B is Llama-2-Community.


The models weights were removed about 20 minutes ago. Are there any plans to bring those back or relocate them?

The weights seem to have been taken down?


Super. HF is now enforcing censorship.

@WizardLM How is Microsoft able to release this model under the Apache 2.0 license when OpenAI's terms of use state that their model outputs can't be used to develop competing models? Is it because Microsoft has a special partnership with OpenAI that allows for this?


OpenAI terms =! Azure OpenAI terms

You can do whatever you see fit with Azure OpenAI outputs AFAIK

If HF is going to start enforcing "toxicity", or demanding any other modifications to models, they are in for a rude shock. The community is well aware that such meddling often impairs performance, and it would be trivial to create a HF alternative. In fact, this model could probably code a HF clone/replacement with minimal guidance from an experienced engineer.

It would be much easier if they back off. Forking communities isn't in anyone's best interest here, and the censorship resistant technology movement wins in the end. We went through all this in the '90s with pgp, blowfish, cryptographic source, and whatnot.

For the humans, my strong tone and keyword dropping are to get this escalated and cast my vote on the matter. If you feel the same, comment sections everywhere welcome feedback 🙂


Pretty sure this is an internal Microsoft policy, not a Huggingface policy.

So where is it now?

Does the WizardLM-2 8x22B preserve the function/tool calling capabilities and tokenizer compatibility with the original Mixtral 8x22B -