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Jak's Woolitize Image Pack v.1.0 for Stable Diffusion 1.5 (2.0 coming soon)

Woolitize Image Pack brought to you by 117 training images through 8000 training steps, 20% Training text crafted by Jak_TheAI_Artist

UPDATE: Woolitize v1.2 available here

Version history:

 v.1.0 - original model

 v.1.2 - improved detail and backgrounds using 768x768 resolution training images

Include Prompt trigger: "woolitize" to activate.

 Woolitize v1.0 (SD1.5) download file "woolitize.ckpt"

 Woolitize v1.2 (SD1.5) download file "woolitize768.ckpt"

 Woolitize (SD2.0) version: (not compatible with Automatic111 yet)

Sample pictures of this concept:

woolitize woolitize 3 woolitize 0 woolitize 2 woolitize 2 woolitize 0 woolitize 1 woolitize 2 woolitize 0 woolitize 1 woolitize 3

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