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Jak's Clayitization Image Pack (SD 1.5) for Stable Diffusion

From the makers of Woolitize, another versatile Jak Texture Pack is available to help unleash your Clay-itivity!

Trained using 100 (768px) training images, 8000 training steps, 500 Text_Encoder_steps.

New: If you want the Stable Diffusion v2.1 model go HERE

Use Prompt: "clayitization" in the beginning of your prompt followed by a word. No major prompt-crafting needed.

Thanks to /u/Jak_TheAI_Artist for creating training images!


  • use fewer prompts to make a more raw clay look (eg. "clayitization, brad pitt" made the image below)
  • change to square for portraits, and rectangle for dioramas
  • add "3d, octane render, intricate details" for more realistic details in the clay
  • use 768 resolution or larger images for best results

Sample pictures of this concept:

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