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Model description

This model is based on bert-base-uncased and was finetuned on SQuAD2.0. The corresponding papers you can found here (model) and here (data).

How to use

from transformers.pipelines import pipeline

model_name = "phiyodr/bert-base-finetuned-squad2"
nlp = pipeline('question-answering', model=model_name, tokenizer=model_name)
inputs = {
    'question': 'What discipline did Winkelmann create?',
    'context': 'Johann Joachim Winckelmann was a German art historian and archaeologist. He was a pioneering Hellenist who first articulated the difference between Greek, Greco-Roman and Roman art. "The prophet and founding hero of modern archaeology", Winckelmann was one of the founders of scientific archaeology and first applied the categories of style on a large, systematic basis to the history of art. '

Training procedure

    "base_model": "bert-base-uncased",
    "do_lower_case": True,
    "learning_rate": 3e-5,
    "num_train_epochs": 4,
    "max_seq_length": 384,
    "doc_stride": 128,
    "max_query_length": 64,
    "batch_size": 96 

Eval results

  "exact": 70.3950138970774,
  "f1": 73.90527661873521,
  "total": 11873,
  "HasAns_exact": 71.4574898785425,
  "HasAns_f1": 78.48808186475087,
  "HasAns_total": 5928,
  "NoAns_exact": 69.33557611438184,
  "NoAns_f1": 69.33557611438184,
  "NoAns_total": 5945
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