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SDXL LoRA DreamBooth - philipp-zettl/ssd-butters-lora

Model description

These are philipp-zettl/ssd-butters-lora LoRA adaption weights for segmind/SSD-1B.

The weights were trained using DreamBooth.

LoRA for the text encoder was enabled: False.

Special VAE used for training: None.

Trigger words

You should use BUTTCC to trigger the image generation.

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Weights for this model are available in Safetensors format.

Download them in the Files & versions tab.

Intended uses & limitations

How to use

# TODO: add an example code snippet for running this diffusion pipeline

Limitations and bias

[TODO: provide examples of latent issues and potential remediations]

Training details

[TODO: describe the data used to train the model]

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