ZigMa: Zigzag Mamba Diffusion Model

Published on Mar 20
· Featured in Daily Papers on Mar 21


The diffusion model has long been plagued by scalability and quadratic complexity issues, especially within transformer-based structures. In this study, we aim to leverage the long sequence modeling capability of a State-Space Model called Mamba to extend its applicability to visual data generation. Firstly, we identify a critical oversight in most current Mamba-based vision methods, namely the lack of consideration for spatial continuity in the scan scheme of Mamba. Secondly, building upon this insight, we introduce a simple, plug-and-play, zero-parameter method named Zigzag Mamba, which outperforms Mamba-based baselines and demonstrates improved speed and memory utilization compared to transformer-based baselines. Lastly, we integrate Zigzag Mamba with the Stochastic Interpolant framework to investigate the scalability of the model on large-resolution visual datasets, such as FacesHQ 1024times 1024 and UCF101, MultiModal-CelebA-HQ, and MS COCO 256times 256. Code will be released at


Here's another paper discussing the importance of scan directions and locality:

I'm surprised no one has tried with a Hilbert curve. That would keep continuity and keeps nearby patches in the 2D image nearby in the 1D sequence.

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