DataDreamer: A Tool for Synthetic Data Generation and Reproducible LLM Workflows

Published on Feb 16
· Featured in Daily Papers on Feb 19


Large language models (LLMs) have become a dominant and important tool for NLP researchers in a wide range of tasks. Today, many researchers use LLMs in synthetic data generation, task evaluation, fine-tuning, distillation, and other model-in-the-loop research workflows. However, challenges arise when using these models that stem from their scale, their closed source nature, and the lack of standardized tooling for these new and emerging workflows. The rapid rise to prominence of these models and these unique challenges has had immediate adverse impacts on open science and on the reproducibility of work that uses them. In this paper, we introduce DataDreamer, an open source Python library that allows researchers to write simple code to implement powerful LLM workflows. DataDreamer also helps researchers adhere to best practices that we propose to encourage open science and reproducibility. The library and documentation are available at .


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