Vision-Based Hand Gesture Customization from a Single Demonstration

Published on Feb 13
· Submitted by akhaliq on Feb 14


Hand gesture recognition is becoming a more prevalent mode of human-computer interaction, especially as cameras proliferate across everyday devices. Despite continued progress in this field, gesture customization is often underexplored. Customization is crucial since it enables users to define and demonstrate gestures that are more natural, memorable, and accessible. However, customization requires efficient usage of user-provided data. We introduce a method that enables users to easily design bespoke gestures with a monocular camera from one demonstration. We employ transformers and meta-learning techniques to address few-shot learning challenges. Unlike prior work, our method supports any combination of one-handed, two-handed, static, and dynamic gestures, including different viewpoints. We evaluated our customization method through a user study with 20 gestures collected from 21 participants, achieving up to 97% average recognition accuracy from one demonstration. Our work provides a viable path for vision-based gesture customization, laying the foundation for future advancements in this domain.


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