InstaGen: Enhancing Object Detection by Training on Synthetic Dataset

Published on Feb 8
· Submitted by akhaliq on Feb 9


In this paper, we introduce a novel paradigm to enhance the ability of object detector, e.g., expanding categories or improving detection performance, by training on synthetic dataset generated from diffusion models. Specifically, we integrate an instance-level grounding head into a pre-trained, generative diffusion model, to augment it with the ability of localising arbitrary instances in the generated images. The grounding head is trained to align the text embedding of category names with the regional visual feature of the diffusion model, using supervision from an off-the-shelf object detector, and a novel self-training scheme on (novel) categories not covered by the detector. This enhanced version of diffusion model, termed as InstaGen, can serve as a data synthesizer for object detection. We conduct thorough experiments to show that, object detector can be enhanced while training on the synthetic dataset from InstaGen, demonstrating superior performance over existing state-of-the-art methods in open-vocabulary (+4.5 AP) and data-sparse (+1.2 to 5.2 AP) scenarios.


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