Direct-a-Video: Customized Video Generation with User-Directed Camera Movement and Object Motion

Published on Feb 5
· Submitted by akhaliq on Feb 6


Recent text-to-video diffusion models have achieved impressive progress. In practice, users often desire the ability to control object motion and camera movement independently for customized video creation. However, current methods lack the focus on separately controlling object motion and camera movement in a decoupled manner, which limits the controllability and flexibility of text-to-video models. In this paper, we introduce Direct-a-Video, a system that allows users to independently specify motions for one or multiple objects and/or camera movements, as if directing a video. We propose a simple yet effective strategy for the decoupled control of object motion and camera movement. Object motion is controlled through spatial cross-attention modulation using the model's inherent priors, requiring no additional optimization. For camera movement, we introduce new temporal cross-attention layers to interpret quantitative camera movement parameters. We further employ an augmentation-based approach to train these layers in a self-supervised manner on a small-scale dataset, eliminating the need for explicit motion annotation. Both components operate independently, allowing individual or combined control, and can generalize to open-domain scenarios. Extensive experiments demonstrate the superiority and effectiveness of our method. Project page:


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