CreativeSynth: Creative Blending and Synthesis of Visual Arts based on Multimodal Diffusion

Published on Jan 25
· Featured in Daily Papers on Jan 26


Large-scale text-to-image generative models have made impressive strides, showcasing their ability to synthesize a vast array of high-quality images. However, adapting these models for artistic image editing presents two significant challenges. Firstly, users struggle to craft textual prompts that meticulously detail visual elements of the input image. Secondly, prevalent models, when effecting modifications in specific zones, frequently disrupt the overall artistic style, complicating the attainment of cohesive and aesthetically unified artworks. To surmount these obstacles, we build the innovative unified framework CreativeSynth, which is based on a diffusion model with the ability to coordinate multimodal inputs and multitask in the field of artistic image generation. By integrating multimodal features with customized attention mechanisms, CreativeSynth facilitates the importation of real-world semantic content into the domain of art through inversion and real-time style transfer. This allows for the precise manipulation of image style and content while maintaining the integrity of the original model parameters. Rigorous qualitative and quantitative evaluations underscore that CreativeSynth excels in enhancing artistic images' fidelity and preserves their innate aesthetic essence. By bridging the gap between generative models and artistic finesse, CreativeSynth becomes a custom digital palette.


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