Shai: A large language model for asset management

Published on Dec 21, 2023
· Submitted by akhaliq on Dec 26, 2023


This paper introduces "Shai" a 10B level large language model specifically designed for the asset management industry, built upon an open-source foundational model. With continuous pre-training and fine-tuning using a targeted corpus, Shai demonstrates enhanced performance in tasks relevant to its domain, outperforming baseline models. Our research includes the development of an innovative evaluation framework, which integrates professional qualification exams, tailored tasks, open-ended question answering, and safety assessments, to comprehensively assess Shai's capabilities. Furthermore, we discuss the challenges and implications of utilizing large language models like GPT-4 for performance assessment in asset management, suggesting a combination of automated evaluation and human judgment. Shai's development, showcasing the potential and versatility of 10B-level large language models in the financial sector with significant performance and modest computational requirements, hopes to provide practical insights and methodologies to assist industry peers in their similar endeavors.


remember bloombergGPT ha? Great work.

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