Text-Conditioned Resampler For Long Form Video Understanding

Published on Dec 19, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Dec 20, 2023


Videos are highly redundant data source and it is often enough to identify a few key moments to solve any given task. In this paper, we present a text-conditioned video resampler (TCR) module that uses a pre-trained and frozen visual encoder and large language model (LLM) to process long video sequences for a task. TCR localises relevant visual features from the video given a text condition and provides them to a LLM to generate a text response. Due to its lightweight design and use of cross-attention, TCR can process more than 100 frames at a time allowing the model to use much longer chunks of video than earlier works. We make the following contributions: (i) we design a transformer-based sampling architecture that can process long videos conditioned on a task, together with a training method that enables it to bridge pre-trained visual and language models; (ii) we empirically validate its efficacy on a wide variety of evaluation tasks, and set a new state-of-the-art on NextQA, EgoSchema, and the EGO4D-LTA challenge; and (iii) we determine tasks which require longer video contexts and that can thus be used effectively for further evaluation of long-range video models.


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