GIVT: Generative Infinite-Vocabulary Transformers

Published on Dec 4, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Dec 5, 2023


We introduce generative infinite-vocabulary transformers (GIVT) which generate vector sequences with real-valued entries, instead of discrete tokens from a finite vocabulary. To this end, we propose two surprisingly simple modifications to decoder-only transformers: 1) at the input, we replace the finite-vocabulary lookup table with a linear projection of the input vectors; and 2) at the output, we replace the logits prediction (usually mapped to a categorical distribution) with the parameters of a multivariate Gaussian mixture model. Inspired by the image-generation paradigm of VQ-GAN and MaskGIT, where transformers are used to model the discrete latent sequences of a VQ-VAE, we use GIVT to model the unquantized real-valued latent sequences of a VAE. When applying GIVT to class-conditional image generation with iterative masked modeling, we show competitive results with MaskGIT, while our approach outperforms both VQ-GAN and MaskGIT when using it for causal modeling. Finally, we obtain competitive results outside of image generation when applying our approach to panoptic segmentation and depth estimation with a VAE-based variant of the UViM framework.


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