Segment Any 3D Gaussians

Published on Dec 1, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Dec 5, 2023


Interactive 3D segmentation in radiance fields is an appealing task since its importance in 3D scene understanding and manipulation. However, existing methods face challenges in either achieving fine-grained, multi-granularity segmentation or contending with substantial computational overhead, inhibiting real-time interaction. In this paper, we introduce Segment Any 3D GAussians (SAGA), a novel 3D interactive segmentation approach that seamlessly blends a 2D segmentation foundation model with 3D Gaussian Splatting (3DGS), a recent breakthrough of radiance fields. SAGA efficiently embeds multi-granularity 2D segmentation results generated by the segmentation foundation model into 3D Gaussian point features through well-designed contrastive training. Evaluation on existing benchmarks demonstrates that SAGA can achieve competitive performance with state-of-the-art methods. Moreover, SAGA achieves multi-granularity segmentation and accommodates various prompts, including points, scribbles, and 2D masks. Notably, SAGA can finish the 3D segmentation within milliseconds, achieving nearly 1000x acceleration compared to previous SOTA. The project page is at


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