Space-Time Diffusion Features for Zero-Shot Text-Driven Motion Transfer

Published on Nov 28, 2023


We present a new method for text-driven motion transfer - synthesizing a video that complies with an input text prompt describing the target objects and scene while maintaining an input video's motion and scene layout. Prior methods are confined to transferring motion across two subjects within the same or closely related object categories and are applicable for limited domains (e.g., humans). In this work, we consider a significantly more challenging setting in which the target and source objects differ drastically in shape and fine-grained motion characteristics (e.g., translating a jumping dog into a dolphin). To this end, we leverage a pre-trained and fixed text-to-video diffusion model, which provides us with generative and motion priors. The pillar of our method is a new space-time feature loss derived directly from the model. This loss guides the generation process to preserve the overall motion of the input video while complying with the target object in terms of shape and fine-grained motion traits.


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