BeautifulPrompt: Towards Automatic Prompt Engineering for Text-to-Image Synthesis

Published on Nov 12, 2023


Recently, diffusion-based deep generative models (e.g., Stable Diffusion) have shown impressive results in text-to-image synthesis. However, current text-to-image models often require multiple passes of prompt engineering by humans in order to produce satisfactory results for real-world applications. We propose BeautifulPrompt, a deep generative model to produce high-quality prompts from very simple raw descriptions, which enables diffusion-based models to generate more beautiful images. In our work, we first fine-tuned the BeautifulPrompt model over low-quality and high-quality collecting prompt pairs. Then, to ensure that our generated prompts can generate more beautiful images, we further propose a Reinforcement Learning with Visual AI Feedback technique to fine-tune our model to maximize the reward values of the generated prompts, where the reward values are calculated based on the PickScore and the Aesthetic Scores. Our results demonstrate that learning from visual AI feedback promises the potential to improve the quality of generated prompts and images significantly. We further showcase the integration of BeautifulPrompt to a cloud-native AI platform to provide better text-to-image generation service in the cloud.


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