Instant3D: Fast Text-to-3D with Sparse-View Generation and Large Reconstruction Model

Published on Nov 10, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Nov 13, 2023


Text-to-3D with diffusion models have achieved remarkable progress in recent years. However, existing methods either rely on score distillation-based optimization which suffer from slow inference, low diversity and Janus problems, or are feed-forward methods that generate low quality results due to the scarcity of 3D training data. In this paper, we propose Instant3D, a novel method that generates high-quality and diverse 3D assets from text prompts in a feed-forward manner. We adopt a two-stage paradigm, which first generates a sparse set of four structured and consistent views from text in one shot with a fine-tuned 2D text-to-image diffusion model, and then directly regresses the NeRF from the generated images with a novel transformer-based sparse-view reconstructor. Through extensive experiments, we demonstrate that our method can generate high-quality, diverse and Janus-free 3D assets within 20 seconds, which is two order of magnitude faster than previous optimization-based methods that can take 1 to 10 hours. Our project webpage:


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