FMViT: A multiple-frequency mixing Vision Transformer

Published on Nov 9, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Nov 13, 2023


The transformer model has gained widespread adoption in computer vision tasks in recent times. However, due to the quadratic time and memory complexity of self-attention, which is proportional to the number of input tokens, most existing Vision Transformers (ViTs) encounter challenges in achieving efficient performance in practical industrial deployment scenarios, such as TensorRT and CoreML, where traditional CNNs excel. Although some recent attempts have been made to design CNN-Transformer hybrid architectures to tackle this problem, their overall performance has not met expectations. To tackle these challenges, we propose an efficient hybrid ViT architecture named FMViT. This approach enhances the model's expressive power by blending high-frequency features and low-frequency features with varying frequencies, enabling it to capture both local and global information effectively. Additionally, we introduce deploy-friendly mechanisms such as Convolutional Multigroup Reparameterization (gMLP), Lightweight Multi-head Self-Attention (RLMHSA), and Convolutional Fusion Block (CFB) to further improve the model's performance and reduce computational overhead. Our experiments demonstrate that FMViT surpasses existing CNNs, ViTs, and CNNTransformer hybrid architectures in terms of latency/accuracy trade-offs for various vision tasks. On the TensorRT platform, FMViT outperforms Resnet101 by 2.5% (83.3% vs. 80.8%) in top-1 accuracy on the ImageNet dataset while maintaining similar inference latency. Moreover, FMViT achieves comparable performance with EfficientNet-B5, but with a 43% improvement in inference speed. On CoreML, FMViT outperforms MobileOne by 2.6% in top-1 accuracy on the ImageNet dataset, with inference latency comparable to MobileOne (78.5% vs. 75.9%). Our code can be found at


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