MFTCoder: Boosting Code LLMs with Multitask Fine-Tuning

Published on Nov 4, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Nov 7, 2023


Code LLMs have emerged as a specialized research field, with remarkable studies dedicated to enhancing model's coding capabilities through fine-tuning on pre-trained models. Previous fine-tuning approaches were typically tailored to specific downstream tasks or scenarios, which meant separate fine-tuning for each task, requiring extensive training resources and posing challenges in terms of deployment and maintenance. Furthermore, these approaches failed to leverage the inherent interconnectedness among different code-related tasks. To overcome these limitations, we present a multi-task fine-tuning framework, MFTcoder, that enables simultaneous and parallel fine-tuning on multiple tasks. By incorporating various loss functions, we effectively address common challenges in multi-task learning, such as data imbalance, varying difficulty levels, and inconsistent convergence speeds. Extensive experiments have conclusively demonstrated that our multi-task fine-tuning approach outperforms both individual fine-tuning on single tasks and fine-tuning on a mixed ensemble of tasks. Moreover, MFTcoder offers efficient training capabilities, including efficient data tokenization modes and PEFT fine-tuning, resulting in significantly improved speed compared to traditional fine-tuning methods. MFTcoder seamlessly integrates with several mainstream open-source LLMs, such as CodeLLama and Qwen. Leveraging the CodeLLama foundation, our MFTcoder fine-tuned model, CodeFuse-CodeLLama-34B, achieves an impressive pass@1 score of 74.4\% on the HumaneEval benchmark, surpassing GPT-4 performance (67\%, zero-shot). MFTCoder is open-sourced at


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