Viewpoint Textual Inversion: Unleashing Novel View Synthesis with Pretrained 2D Diffusion Models

Published on Sep 14, 2023
· Submitted by akhaliq on Sep 18, 2023


Text-to-image diffusion models understand spatial relationship between objects, but do they represent the true 3D structure of the world from only 2D supervision? We demonstrate that yes, 3D knowledge is encoded in 2D image diffusion models like Stable Diffusion, and we show that this structure can be exploited for 3D vision tasks. Our method, Viewpoint Neural Textual Inversion (ViewNeTI), controls the 3D viewpoint of objects in generated images from frozen diffusion models. We train a small neural mapper to take camera viewpoint parameters and predict text encoder latents; the latents then condition the diffusion generation process to produce images with the desired camera viewpoint. ViewNeTI naturally addresses Novel View Synthesis (NVS). By leveraging the frozen diffusion model as a prior, we can solve NVS with very few input views; we can even do single-view novel view synthesis. Our single-view NVS predictions have good semantic details and photorealism compared to prior methods. Our approach is well suited for modeling the uncertainty inherent in sparse 3D vision problems because it can efficiently generate diverse samples. Our view-control mechanism is general, and can even change the camera view in images generated by user-defined prompts.


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