Text2Control3D: Controllable 3D Avatar Generation in Neural Radiance Fields using Geometry-Guided Text-to-Image Diffusion Model

Published on Sep 7, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Sep 8, 2023


Recent advances in diffusion models such as ControlNet have enabled geometrically controllable, high-fidelity text-to-image generation. However, none of them addresses the question of adding such controllability to text-to-3D generation. In response, we propose Text2Control3D, a controllable text-to-3D avatar generation method whose facial expression is controllable given a monocular video casually captured with hand-held camera. Our main strategy is to construct the 3D avatar in Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) optimized with a set of controlled viewpoint-aware images that we generate from ControlNet, whose condition input is the depth map extracted from the input video. When generating the viewpoint-aware images, we utilize cross-reference attention to inject well-controlled, referential facial expression and appearance via cross attention. We also conduct low-pass filtering of Gaussian latent of the diffusion model in order to ameliorate the viewpoint-agnostic texture problem we observed from our empirical analysis, where the viewpoint-aware images contain identical textures on identical pixel positions that are incomprehensible in 3D. Finally, to train NeRF with the images that are viewpoint-aware yet are not strictly consistent in geometry, our approach considers per-image geometric variation as a view of deformation from a shared 3D canonical space. Consequently, we construct the 3D avatar in a canonical space of deformable NeRF by learning a set of per-image deformation via deformation field table. We demonstrate the empirical results and discuss the effectiveness of our method.


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