Test-Time Training on Video Streams

Published on Jul 11, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Jul 12, 2023


Prior work has established test-time training (TTT) as a general framework to further improve a trained model at test time. Before making a prediction on each test instance, the model is trained on the same instance using a self-supervised task, such as image reconstruction with masked autoencoders. We extend TTT to the streaming setting, where multiple test instances - video frames in our case - arrive in temporal order. Our extension is online TTT: The current model is initialized from the previous model, then trained on the current frame and a small window of frames immediately before. Online TTT significantly outperforms the fixed-model baseline for four tasks, on three real-world datasets. The relative improvement is 45% and 66% for instance and panoptic segmentation. Surprisingly, online TTT also outperforms its offline variant that accesses more information, training on all frames from the entire test video regardless of temporal order. This differs from previous findings using synthetic videos. We conceptualize locality as the advantage of online over offline TTT. We analyze the role of locality with ablations and a theory based on bias-variance trade-off.


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