SVIT: Scaling up Visual Instruction Tuning

Published on Jul 9, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Jul 11, 2023


Thanks to the emerging of foundation models, the large language and vision models are integrated to acquire the multimodal ability of visual captioning, dialogue, question answering, etc. Although existing multimodal models present impressive performance of visual understanding and reasoning, their limits are still largely under-explored due to the scarcity of high-quality instruction tuning data. To push the limits of multimodal capability, we Sale up Visual Instruction Tuning (SVIT) by constructing a dataset of 3.2 million visual instruction tuning data including 1.6M conversation question-answer (QA) pairs and 1.6M complex reasoning QA pairs and 106K detailed image descriptions. Besides the volume, the proposed dataset is also featured by the high quality and rich diversity, which is generated by prompting GPT-4 with the abundant manual annotations of images. We empirically verify that training multimodal models on SVIT can significantly improve the multimodal performance in terms of visual perception, reasoning and planing.


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