Is this ONNX?

by drmeir - opened

I don't see anywhere on the model card onnx being used. Am I missing something?

there is model.onnx file but that can only be read with optimum I guess , and I want to read that with sentence transformer and i am not able to
did you find any solution

@amorfati Use the original (non-onnx) model?

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Hey folks, yes this is an ONNX model converted from sentence-transformers/all-MiniLM-L6-v2 by optimum. You would be able to leverage it for inference with APIs in optimum, more details here.

@drmeir , I used with optimum , it is working if you want ,i can share code

@amorfati Yes, please do!

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edited Sep 20, 2023

Hi everyone, here's a minimal example to use sentence-transformers with optimum:
The key component is ORTModelForFeatureExtraction which is equivalent to AutoModel in the model card example

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